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Effol med – Friendship requires attention


Friends stand by each other, can depend on one another and stick together when times are hard. This also applies to the special friendship between human beings and horses. A good friendship improves health, ensures well-being and helps to cope with stress. In this sense friendship also means providing your horse with special attention to promote its well-being and health.


For over 100 years we have been committed to maintaining the good health of your horse. For friends the best is only just good enough and that's why we always offer first-class products based on the latest scientific research - thanks to our continuous work on new and ongoing developments. Our "Research and Development" department works closely with our team of experts, which includes veterinarians, professional grooms, farriers, clinics and universities of applied science. This collaboration results in products which are specially suited to the needs of horses.


All products are manufactured in our professional, in-house production facilities - "Made in Germany". We fulfil the GMP standard – the highest international approval in the area of pharmaceutical production. Moreover, we also have manufacturer authorisation for veterinary medicinal products. This ensures that we are able to guarantee the best possible quality of all our products at every level.




The BronchoCare-Series from Effol med was developed to meet the special requirements of horses with respiratory problems. This range of products relieves the respiratory tract and strengthens the weakened immune system.


Products in the BronchoCare-Series complement each other in their effect and provide all-round care. When an infection starts to take hold, mucous membranes often become dry. Using Effol med BronchoCare Syrup on a prophylactic basis helps by strengthening the respiratory tract. And combined with inhalation of the special oils in the Effol med BronchoCare-Balm, stubborn mucous is loosened. At the same time, the balm also protects the nostrils against external influences. The Effol med BronchoCare-Bonbons ease throat irritations and prevent mucous membranes drying out. All three products are composed exclusively of natural herbs.


Effol med BronchoCare-Series – so that your horse can breathe easily.



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